Glibl General Conditions of Use

Legal Notice:
SAS Glibl
33 rue de la combe cadet
01150 Chazey sur Ain, France

Company registered in the Bourg en Bresse trade register under Siret number n ° 893 926 923

Chairman and CEO: Goutarel Rémi

The use of our services, free or paid, indicates your acceptance of our general conditions of use and sale.

These conditions of use govern the relations between:


Glibl, a tertiary services company for individuals and professionals, registered in the Bourg en Bresse trade register, Siret n°: 893 926 923 and established at 33 rue de la combe cadet, 01150 Chazey sur Ain operating the site and the application available on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Hereinafter referred to as "Glibl" or "the site".


On the other hand,

Users, individuals or professionals registered or referenced on the site with the information provided by themselves when creating their account

Hereinafter referred to as "The User" or "The Users"


The Glibl company operates an internet platform at the address as well as an application available on the telephone, through the Apple Store and Google Play stores.

This platform allows registered users to create, manage, exchange their business cards with each other and those of other contacts they may have.

Article 1 : Registration for the service

By registering on the Glibl site, the user must have reached the legal age and / or have the capacities to conclude a contract within the meaning of the law, and to have read and accepted the present conditions of use and sale of our services.

Glibl cannot be held responsible if a user has entered incorrect data in order to be able to use our services when he was not entitled to do so. Glibl is not responsible towards users and third parties for errors, omissions, false information entered voluntarily or involuntarily by a member.

Article 2 : His membership

As soon as the user is registered on the Glibl site, this one is defined as a full user and engages his responsibility concerning the use which he makes of the service, of the data which he registers. By validating the creation of his account on the site, the user is informed, has read and accepted these conditions of use.

Article 3 : Registration required for access to services

In order to benefit from Glibl's free and paid services, each user must have their own account with their contact details.

To register, the user must complete a registration form available on the home page by selecting "Create an account".

By completing the form, the user certifies that the information provided is correct and affirms that he has read these conditions of use and that he accepts them.

Whether the user acts for a natural or legal person, for his own account or for the account of a third party, he is held responsible for the information he provides.

The user undertakes to update his information when it is no longer good in order to maintain its accuracy, in the interest of the user and all other users in relation to him. Their information can be modified directly on their user account in the sections provided for this purpose.

The user is informed that Glibl reserves the right to control the accounts. If it turns out that the user has violated the applicable laws, or that he has provided false, incomplete or outdated information, Glibl may suspend the account or terminate the contract of a user and prohibit access to any or part of the site's services for a given or indefinite period.

Article 4 : Newsletter

When creating account on Glibl service, the user accepted the general condition of use. The user subscribes automatically to the Glibl Newsletter.

He can unsubscribe at any time via the link integrated in the newsletter or by simple request via the contact form on the site.

Article 5 : Account and connection

When creating an account using the registration form, the user has a user name defined by his email address, and a personal password. This information must be kept confidential.

The password must be sufficiently long (minimum 8 characters) and complicated so that it cannot be found by a third party, in particular your telephone number or your first name.

In the event that the user loses his password, he will go to the “forgot password” section. A new random code will be sent to the email address so that the user can connect. The user is then invited to change his password in the “My profile” and “my password” section.

Any user is invited to communicate quickly with Glibl if he notices that his account has been hacked, deleted or used for illegal purposes or going against the interests of the site or of the user who owns the account.

Glibl undertakes to communicate to its users all attempts (successful or unsuccessful) to hack databases, in particular concerning the connection information of its users so that they modify their connection information, and mainly their password.

In the event of the death of the Member, and upon production of the relevant supporting documents, the account will be deactivated. Its content can only be transmitted to the beneficiaries by court decision.

Use of services

Article 6 : Responsibility of the parties

The user agrees to provide correct information when registering and not to use false identities that could harm others.

Upon registration and having accepted these conditions, the user:

Is responsible for the data it provides, its accuracy and the use it makes of it. Undertakes to respect the laws in force in his country, in terms of freedom, confidentiality.

Complies with the laws in force and respect the rights of third parties, as well as these contractual stipulations.

Do not divert any of the features of the site beyond its normal use as defined in these conditions.

Undertakes not to disseminate data, information or content of a defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting to violence, or of a political, racist or xenophobic nature and in general any content which would be contrary to the laws and regulations in force.

Sponsorship :

If a user wants to sponsor a person, natural or legal, in order to benefit from the services of the site and that he benefits from special discounts on our services, he provides Glibl with the name, first name and email address of this person. The sponsoring user undertakes to have contacted the sponsored user and obtained his agreement before providing his information.

Glibl will not keep its data for more than 30 days if the referral does not create an account on the site.

Article 7 : Liability of Glibl

Glibl is committed to providing quality service to users in accordance with these terms of use.

Glibl cannot be held responsible for the data, information and content provided by a user, if these are inaccurate, if there is an omission, voluntary or not, or any illegal content.

Glibl does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by users and does not verify their veracity. Glibl declines all responsibility for the inaccuracy or unlawfulness of this information.

Glibl cannot therefore be held responsible for any damage caused by a user to another third party, whether by the information published on the site but also any exchanges of emails or other functions relating to the use of the site.

Glibl is not intended to systematically monitor all the information provided and cannot delete an account if the information does not clearly contravene these conditions.

Glibl cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise during or after contact or meeting between users who have used the site and its services.

For reasons unrelated to Gibl and the particular status of the Internet network, access to the site and its services may be interrupted or restricted at any time. The responsibility of Glibl cannot be sought.

Neither can Glibl be held responsible in the event that access to the site is interrupted for maintenance operations to update or improve the site and its functionalities. These interruptions will be indicated by sending an email to users or by simply providing information on the home page of the site.

Glibl may temporarily or permanently interrupt access to the site and to the services, in particular in the event of cessation of activity or of judicial liquidation thereof.

In this case, this contract will be automatically terminated.

Glibl cannot be held responsible for websites to which hypertext links refer or from which links could refer to the site and its services.

Glibl reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice any information appearing on the site, in the context of updating or correcting errors.

Insofar as Glibl could be held responsible for damage not provided for above, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, Glibl's liability will be limited to only actual and established damage.

In any case, and to the extent permitted by law, Glibl, its subsidiaries or other partners can not be held responsible for indirect damage, loss of profit or damage caused by the loss of data or operation of the one of the uses of the site and its services, the impossibility of access or use of the site and the services, whether on the basis of a guarantee, a contract or a civil tort or according to any other legal theory and whether or not Glibl is advised of the possibility of such damages.

Article 8 : Breach of contract or deletion of an account

Glibl reserves the right at any time to delete a user's account if it deems it inconsistent with reality, illegal or if its use violates the services offered and Glibl's policy.

Article 9 : Charged options of the services

Glibl is a business card management site. The registration and creation of a business card, as well as the sharing of his business card and that of his contacts are services offered free of charge to our users.

Our users can subscribe to options which may be chargeable.

In this case, the user will accept the general conditions of sale relating to these options. (See paragraphs "Terms of sales" or “CGV”.

The prices for all the options are available in the options registration forms. It will be clearly indicated on each product whether it is free by the mention "Free" or "0.00 €" or if it is chargeable with the price including VAT clearly displayed.