Terms of Sales

Our users can subscribe to options which may be chargeable.

In this case, the user will accept the general conditions of sale relating to these options.

Paying nature of a service or product:
When a user subscribes to an option present on the Glibl site, he becomes aware that certain options may be chargeable, it means the user must pay an invoice before paying. be able to use this option as of right.

The prices for all the options are available in the options registration forms and on all the products concerned. It will be clearly indicated on each product whether it is free by the mention "Free" or "0.00 €" or if it is chargeable with the price including VAT clearly displayed.

When a user purchases a paid option, he certifies that he is the owner of the account for which he makes this purchase and that he is in full possession of his capacities and these rights.

The prices are displayed including VAT. Current VAT will be applied based on the user's billing address and the billing information they provide.

Any user whose legal entity is domiciled in France must provide the valid address of the company as well as all the information necessary for invoicing.

Any user acting for a legal person not domiciled in France must provide the legal information necessary for the establishment of an invoice.

Payment for an item constitutes acceptance of these purchasing conditions, which the user certifies having read and accepted.

Article 1 : Use of an option

A user will not be able to use an option to which he has subscribed until the price of the option has been paid in full.

The user pays for a service or product for a period specified in the invoice. The products are purchased, that is to say that they belong to the user and that they can benefit from them at any time, but only on the Glibl site or for personal use. The user cannot download the product for reuse with a third party or for commercial purposes.

The services are provided in the form of a subscription, ie when a user subscribes to a paid service, it is provided for a fixed period.

The user, as well as Glibl, are committed to this contract and must honor it in its entirety

The paid option cannot be terminated before its expiry, except in exceptional cases where one of the two parties does not respect the terms of the contract (non-payment of the subscription by the user or inability to respond to the request of user by Glibl).

Service contracts are tacitly renewed, the user must send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt at least 30 days before the end of the contract. Otherwise, the service will be renewed, and the user will be liable for the subscription for the new period.

Article 2 : Delivery of an order

When a user subscribes to a paid product or service, he must pay the amount of the said invoice.

As soon as the invoice is settled with the banking organization, a payment confirmation email is sent by the bank to the user and to Glibl.

The user then receives a confirmation from the company Glibl as well as the confirmation of the delivery of the product or service ordered.

For a product, it is sent by email as an attachment or with a link for downloading.

For a service, our technical services contact the person responsible for the order.

The user is invited to immediately check the contents of his order for a product. The payment of the order and the downloading of the product implies acceptance of it by the user without conditions.

Article 3 : Refund of an order

The payment of an order by a user for a service or a product implies acceptance of the conditions by the latter. Once the order has been paid for and the product has been downloaded or consumed by the user, the latter cannot request a refund of his invoice unless a person has placed an order in his place without his authorization and if he brings it. proof. The user can request a refund if the product or service does not correspond to what is indicated on the invoice.

The reimbursement will be made after studying our services and within 30 days from the date of the reimbursement request.

If a user's account has been deleted by Glibl because it did not meet the criteria provided for in article 6 of the conditions of use, the user will not be able to request reimbursement for the products or services to which he has received. could subscribe.

Article 4 : Duration

These purchasing conditions are concluded when a User purchases a product or subscribes to a service.

The duration will depend on the product or service to which the User has subscribed. The purchase of a product is concluded for an indefinite period.

The purchase of a service is concluded for a fixed period defined in the subscription invoice.

Article 5 : Litigation

In the event of a dispute and in the absence of amicable management, the file will be sent to the Bourg en Bresse commercial court.

Article 6 : Data confidentiality

Each user has access to their data and can modify or delete them in accordance with the law in force.

The information provided during registration on Glibl is kept on the Glibl site for use in the context of the site's services.

All data is collected in a fair and legal manner and given by the user of his own free will when registering and updating this information.

In the use of these services, the user is informed that the data concerning him can be used to offer them to get in touch with other users, according to the uses and habits of each.

This information is neither sold nor exchanged to third parties for commercial purposes. The user accepts to receive information on new products or new services from the site as well as from its partners.

The mandatory or optional nature of data communication is mentioned in the registration form for each field. In the case of mandatory data, if the field is not filled in, the absence of information will result in the non-processing of the registration request and it may be refused.

Glibl respects the new laws in force or RGPD.

The data provided by the user is kept for the use of the site's services and can be viewed by other users to whom the contact has been shared.

Glibl undertakes to delete all user information on request.

Any user can request to have access to his information as well as the ways in which it is stored, managed and protected.

Any user can request by simple request by email not through the contact form the deletion of all of his information held by the company. Only information relating to an order already placed can not be deleted within the statutory retention period for billing information imposed by taxes.

Article 7 : Duration of contract

The contract takes effect from the registration of a member and his acceptance of these conditions.

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. It may be terminated by one of the two parties according to the defined rules, in the event of non-compliance by the user or by simple unsubscription.

Article 8 : Termination

Glibl reserves the right to immediately suspend access to the service and to the site to a User who has not complied with these terms of use.

The user will receive an email indicating the suspension of his account as well as its reasons. After a period of 8 days after the first notification and without effective response from the user, Glibl may delete the account without delay and as of right.

The user seeing his account deleted for reasons of breach may not claim damages for compensation for damage due to this deletion.

The user will also not be able to request reimbursement of sums already paid for purchases or subscriptions on the site.

Glibl may delete any information, content that infringes a third party or goes to contrary to the laws (such as insults, defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc.). The user will be notified of this deletion by email as well as these reasons. The deletion of this data can be effective without delay.

Article 9 : Unsubscribe from the site

A user can at any time stop using the site's services and delete his account.

For this, a few steps are enough:

In "my profile", select "delete my account".

Confirm the deletion of your account.

This deletion will be notified by email to the user. 48 hours after this notification, the user's account as well as all of his data will be permanently deleted from the server and no user will have access to his data.

Article 10 : Intellectual property

Glibl is the manager and owner of this site as well as all its graphic and technical components, except for the content provided by third parties.

Any use of the site or its components without the prior written consent of Glibl represents an infringement of intellectual property.

Article 11 : License to use the site and services

Glibl grants its users a partial, unique and non-transferable license to use the site and all of its services.

Thus, any use of the site and the services must be within the framework of these conditions so that it meets the purpose of the site.

Any other use must be granted in advance by Glibl and in writing.

In particular, any data extraction or use outside the functioning of the site is prohibited and reserved for the company Glibl which is the owner and manager.

Article 12 : License to use data provided by members

By creating his account on Glibl and providing all of his information, the user grants Glibl a non-exclusive license to use the content and data that he puts online via the site.

The user guarantees the conformity and accuracy of the information that he puts online via the site. Glibl does not acquire any property rights over the information and data provided by the user

By publishing their data, the user accepts that they will be published on the said site. They can only be accessed by members who have the user's business card.

He therefore authorizes these users to have access to his information, to use it to get in touch with him as well as to exchange it with another user registered on the site so that the latter can also contact him.

He expressly accepts this use of his business card which is the basic principle of the use of the site and the associated applications.

Article 13 : Convention of proof

The users and Glibl agree by mutual agreement that the systems and files shall prevail between them.

Consequently, all the information stored by Glibl or on its behalf under reasonable conditions of security and reliability will be authentic and may be validly used as proof in the execution of this contract and for any event or interaction between the parties in as part of the use of the site or its services.

Glibl will therefore be able to provide all evidence in the event of a procedure relating to any act, omissions or facts. Glibl may provide files, recordings, programs or any other element received, transmitted or stored on computer systems as specified above, on any media and rely on them as proof, except for manifest error.

Article 14 : Modification of the conditions of use

Glibl may modify these terms of use at any time without notice. Users are therefore invited to consult them regularly.

These are accessible from the home page under the link "Terms of use".

The modifications to the conditions of use will come into force as soon as they are put online and will be valid in the event of a dispute and its validity cannot be taken into account, nor its execution, interpretation or termination and its consequences.

Article 15 : Minimum technical configuration required

The Glibl site and its applications are accessible and usable from multiple media, computer, tablet and smartphone.

There is no particular minimum configuration to have to use the Glibl site and its services. The site adapts to the medium used to access our services.

It is simply necessary to have an internet connection and an internet browser or to download the application available on the stores.

Article 16 : Litigation

In the event of a dispute and in the absence of amicable management, the file will be sent to the Bourg en Bresse commercial court.