Privacy Policy

Glibl is committed to providing you with the best services while respecting your privacy and the information you entrust to us as well as possible.

We want to bring you here the clearest and most transparent information on how your data is collected, stored, protected and how you can access, manage, modify and delete it.

What information is collected?

In order to provide you with the best services and the most suited to your needs, we collect a certain amount of data.

When you log in, we collect your email address in order to uniquely identify you on our site. This information is the only one required to allow us to provide you with the services of the application, namely to create a user account and to have a business card that you can share.

The email address used when registering is displayed by default on the business card, but you can then define a different email address for your connection and for display on your business card.

We may also collect data from phone, tablet computer or any other device such as your IP address, language settings, browser used or geolocation.

We collect the number of visitors and connections to the website as well as the application, the frequencies of use and return as well as the browsing activity for the purposes of analysis and improvement of our systems.

When editing your business card and adding all the profile information, you can enter additional optional information:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Company
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Fax
  • Social networks
  • And all the information you can provide in editing the profile

This information is optional and you choose to provide it so that it can be shared with everyone who has your business card.

You can modify, delete or add them at any time.

It may happen that you are responsible for the management of business cards on behalf of a company and therefore of the collaborators belonging to this company.

When purchasing a product or service from our site or application, we do not collect any banking information. The payment process is transmitted to our financial partner who is authorized with all the associated bank securities for the processing of the payment of your order.

We transmit the details of your order as the total amount payable.

As part of the subscription to a professional option such as for card fleet management or any other option, we may ask you for the legal information of your company such as the SIRET number, the address of the company for purposes invoices subject to VAT declaration.

How is data stored at Glibl and what security procedures are in place to protect your data?

The data is stored on behalf of Glibl at our service provider OVH and is accessible only to authorized persons at Glibl and OVH thanks to professional and adequate systems and procedures.

We also apply physical and technical security systems to limit access to all data stored by Glibl.

We keep the data as long as necessary to ensure you have access to our services.

The information may be kept by Glibl even after the deletion of your account within the legal deadlines to allow us to resolve any disputes with third parties or for the detection of any fraud, misuse of services or any other illegal activity.

Who has access to your information collected on Glibl?

The data transmitted on Glibl are intended for Glibl services, namely to share your business card (therefore the information that you have agreed to share) as well as to exercise recommendations by sharing the data of a card that you have.

The information held by Gibl is neither sold nor passed on to third parties for commercial purposes.

Advertisements or information from our partners that you may see appear or receive in any form whatsoever are relayed by Glibl.

How does Glibl collect your information?

Glibl collects information to meet the very purpose of the application, sharing your information in you business card format so that you can be contacted.

You can share your business card and therefore the information on it to anyone you want.

A person who owns a card can also share the business card as you would recommend a professional or acquaintance by sharing these details by any other means. Our application makes it possible to guarantee the updating of information and therefore their accuracy in the limit where the person updates his own card and his information.

Beyond this use which is the object of the application, your information may be used for marketing purposes.

It is never provided to a third party but we may display third party advertisements which would be the most targeted and relevant to you.

These advertisements may be displayed on the application in the home page in the notifications or on the website.

The information collected may also be used for analytical purposes in order to provide you with the most relevant and efficient services.

Control of your data provided to Glibl

The only mandatory information to provide to Glibl is your email address for your identification. This information can be modified in the management of your account in "settings".

All other information you provide is provided by managing your profile so that it appears on your business card.

You can modify or delete all this information through the management of profile and your information.

You are also responsible for this information so that it corresponds to reality, is correct, does not violate applicable regulations or does not harm a third party.

Information about cookies

Cookies are small text files stored in the browser on your phone or computer

They record information relating to your browsing in order to analyze how to use Glibl's services to allow us to adapt them as best as possible to your needs.

A cookie is sent to us when you open a page of our site from your phone, computer or tablet.

Cookies do not store personal information, they just give us information about the device and the browser used.

They do not cause any damage to your device, they simply help you find your preferences and adapt the content and recognize your device to facilitate your next visits to our site and our app.

You can choose whether you agree to cookies being saved on your device and you can control the storage of cookies.

To control the management of cookies, you can go to the category your choices regarding cookies.

We use several types of cookies to improve your user experience with Glibl.

Functional cookies

These cookies are useful for the site and the application to best adapt to your browsing.

They allow you to be identified when you connect, to facilitate your searches and your preferences, to adapt the presentation of the site to your browser, your device, language used, display resolution.

To facilitate your navigation by pre-filling certain fields of our forms.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies make it possible to analyze the use and navigation of the site and the pages to visit in order to adapt and improve the site for better use.

These cookies can be kept for 1 year.