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Glibl, the first 100% digital and dynamic business card management application.

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Glibl, or how to create a business card in seconds and share it without limits.

The app is equipped with amazing features and offers even more amazing support

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Free creation

Create freely in seconds your own business cards.

Easy collecting

Collect easily a business card to never lose contact details even if they change.

Easy customization

Customize your business card in your image to share your own values.

Modification and Instant Update

Change easily your details, and everyone who already has your card will have the update.

Limitless sharing

Share easily and for free with 3 modes your card to all your customers and prospects without limits.

Easy recommendation

Share and recommend an artisan, restaurant or any contact as if they were there.

Better manage your employees and salespeople with Glibl

The application is an essential business tool to save time and money

Time and money saving

Stop wasting your time and money managing and printing company business cards.

Simple management

Simply manage an employee's information as it changes.

Limitless distribution and recommendation

Your salespeople can distribute their business cards without limits and your customers can easily share your cards.

Keep the link with your clients

No longer lose a customer or prospect over outdated cards, they will always have the right information to call you back.

Accessible on all your devices

Application disponible sur tous vos périphériques

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